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★A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle★

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if you are only going to watch one interview with any of the members of panic! at the disco let it be this one because it is hands down the most awkward thing i have ever seen in my entire life, literally none of them want to be there

When Harry Met Sally (1989)





The cause of racism is often fear of the unknown - lack of knowledge about other cultures. Travel, explore and learn - open your mind.

I will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, reblog this every time it comes up on my blog. This is the BEST statement, I’ve ever seen. 

I really love this. So many are dead-set on the view that people cannot better themselves but that simply isn’t true. Everybody deserves a second chance and everybody has the ability to better themselves. 

Part of what I like about this is that the hatred was solved by kindness. Everyone he meets is nice, or at the very least decent. Of course we know it doesn’t work this simply in real life - he probably would’ve been cruel to quite a few people, and vice versa upon learning about his racism, but I think in terms of smaller-scale issues this kind of scenario is totally plausible (since I fear a member of a group as powerful and frightening as the KKK or the Nazi party would probably take a bit more than kindness to change their ways).

A homophobe finding out her best friend is gay and subsequently meeting all of his really nice queer friends, with none of the “political agenda” or “perversion” she’d assumed they would have. A sexist being sent to a summer camp populated by mostly girls, and learning very quickly through campfire discussions that their plights of catcalling and sexual harassment aren’t nearly as rare as he’d once thought. These are things that can and do happen.

Nobody’s mind was ever changed by meanness or a snide tone.


I have been waiting so long for this gifset for so long you have no idea


this is gospel
for the vagabonds
ne’er-do-wells and
insufferable bastards

  • Me: i'm over my crush
  • Crush: hey
  • Me: nvm


Look at Lewis, he’s looking grumpy already.

Kims words, not mine.




im in one of those periods in my life where i cant focus on anything i cant finish an assignment i cant listen to one song for more than 5 seconds i cant sit through a tv show episode i cant finish a book i cant write a story

all i can do is stare blankly at the wall and wish i had something to do but everything i could do or want to do is just supremely unsatisfying


Hey kids this is a symptom of depression