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★The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes★


aha ha dONT imagine your crush laying next to you in bed making small sleepy noises just dont


Do you ever watch a video or see a picture and then gasp and say “MY BABY” when it is, in fact, NOT your baby but is actually a man in his 30s




this is how false information on tumblr works





  • it’s okay for you to like skinny girls
  • it’s okay for you to like skinny girls with big boobs and a butt
  • it’s okay for you to like curvy girls
  • it’s okay for you to like heavier girls
  • it’s totally okay to like thighs or thigh gaps and big boobs or small boobs and big butts or little butts
  • what’s not okay is telling a woman that she isn’t beautiful or sexy because she doesn’t meet your personal body type preferences

 Everyone needs to reblog this.

"Girls do not dress for boys. They dress for themselves, and of course, each other. If girls dressed for boys, they’d just walk around naked at all times."
— Betsey Johnson (via exam)



I want a movie about greek gods where hades isn’t the antagonist

By all accounts the antagonist in every Greek Gods movie should be Zeus’s dick. Nothing else causes as much murder and mayhem.

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fallinginwonderlandx asked: "bonjour BECCCCAAAAAAAA"

r u ok

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fallinginwonderlandx asked: "Halllloooo slutfaceeee hope you enjoyed italia"

italia was great rebeccaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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a-jedi-assbutt-in-starbucks asked: "aaww you were in Rome!!! Welcome back! how was it? i'm sure you had a blast! :) I'm leaving for Rome in a few days. Any tips? :)"

hi! it was really beautiful and sunny you’ll love it! It did have more graffiti than i thought it would though. buy tickets online if you’re going to the biggies like collusseum or the vatican because the lines and huge and you’ll be queuing for hours. We got omnia passes which got us on a hop-on-hop off bus and all the transport for free and let us skip the queues which was awesome :) Also, dont eat right outside the attractions like the vatican because they’ll be really expensive and not as good. 

you’ll have a great time because it’s a beautiful, sunny city and the food is amazing! Hope you have a great holiday, let me know how you get on! :)